Timothy R. Hughes th035681 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Mon May 2 23:07:48 EST 1994

Regarding a previous post:

>Sydney Shall (bafa1 at central.susx.ac.uk) wrote:
>: 	The enzyme telomerase has been shown to be present in immortal
>: cell lines.  However, it has never been purified and therefore it has
>: never been cloned.
>Yeast telomeres were first cloned in 1982 (Szostak & Blackburn; Cell 
>29:245).  Tetrahymena telomerase was cloned in 1987 
>(Greider & Blackburn; Cell 51: 887) and I suspect a mammalian homologue 
>has since been cloned.  Telomerase turns out to be a protein which contains 
>a small RNA molecule, used to prime telomere synthesis.

1.)  The RNA component of RNA telomerase has been cloned, but unless the
	data is unpublished or very recently published none of the protein 
	components have been cloned, only purified.

2.)  The cloning of a mammalian homologue has not yet been published.    

-- Tim Hughes 

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