Glucose & Ageing

Ms. Pamela Davidson; GRAD davidson at umbc.edu
Wed May 4 15:35:28 EST 1994

 Hello, I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland and in the
process of developing my thesis project. It is well documented that
caloric restriction retards the aging process. Caloric restriction also
lowers blood glucose levels. It has been recently demonstrated that high
blood glucose levels results in the non-enzymatic glycosylation of
extracellular proteins. During my search through the literature, I have
come across several hypotheses that suggest non-enzymatic glycosylation
also occurs to intracellular proteins. However I have not been able to
find any published data on this. Does any one know of any information on
on intracellular non-enzymatic glycosylation? Any information would be
greatly appreciated. Please e-mail at davidson at umbc.edu Thank you for your

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