The Human Future

Marc_R_Rice at cup.portal.com Marc_R_Rice at cup.portal.com
Tue May 17 13:56:14 EST 1994


  I am somewhat of an idealist. What I see in OUR future is a world of scienti
fic achievements and one that lives, if not in harmony with nature then at 
least with an environmental awareness that we lack today. I envisioned that
with the advancements in medecine and genetics humans could have lifespans
of hundreds of years to pursue what their heart desires. Paradise? No, man 
will still work and he will still have to solve his problems; however,
humans will be free from threat of extinction after having populated worlds
in this system and outside. What I want is a world of clear thinking, one
with emotion, and one filled with humans and those small habits that make us.

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