philosophy and ageing

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Tue May 17 20:27:20 EST 1994

	Dreamer wants replies:

	The bionet.molbio.ageing is a forum for very serious
	yet mundane scientific ideas and discussions and it
	has not yet riped to the state of pedagogical matters.
	Therefore I would appreciate it, if a different newsgroup
	is used/created for that purpose.

	To dream about future is one thing; to unravel the
	ageing-mechanism is completely different. The ageing
	process leads various old age diseases and disorders
	which cause untold misery. The major aim of research
	in this topic is to solve these problems first. 

	Nevertheless, in order not to discourage anyone from
	participating in this newsgroup (and due to the lack
	of a general newsgroup to discuss such issues), here
	are some questions to dreamer:

        Have you ever dreamt of being 200 years old and the 
        possible world around you? What kind of relations and
        friends you would have? What kind of job you will be

	If everyone wants to live to eternity and still want
	to reproduce their own kind, what would be the fate
	of earth? 

	"I pay tax and therefore I have the right to know
	 the results of ageing-research" will lead to
	everyone being immortal and the above situation
	will be inevitable. Does it mean the results of
	ageing-research can be classified? 

	There are various mind boggling issues which would arise
	from  political, philosophical backgrounds once there
	is significant progress in ageing research. However, it
	is still very far. Therefore I am going back to my work
	on phosphoglucomutase protein found in human heart and which
	is very essential for glucose activity and also why one 
        of its domains strikingly resemble the heart itself!

	Good Luck to you dreamer. Have a nice day.

	barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu 

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