Telomeres and Hard Science

Sydney Shall S.Shall at sussex.ac.uk
Thu May 19 04:33:47 EST 1994

There has been a query whether this Bulletin Board - AGEING - is the
approriate palce for contributions about telomeres and in general
about "hard science"?  The answers are quite categorical and are yes to
both questions.  There has been some discussion in recent weeks about
telomeres in ageing, mostly derived from the work of Carol Greider at
Cold Spring Harbor Labs., and of Cal harley now of Geron Corporation in
California. It is clear that this hypothesis has a great deal of
experimental support, although the precise mechanism and formal proof is
still lacking.
	Interested people might consult the FAQ contribution that has
been very generously prepared for this Bulletin Board.

	A separate thread of discusssion has arisen concerning plant
tissues.  It is clear that plant cells are behave very differently to
animal cells in this regard.  I am not aware of a detailed analysis od
telomeres and of telomerase in plant cells.  It would be an invaluable study.



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