Marc_R_Rice at cup.portal.com Marc_R_Rice at cup.portal.com
Sat May 21 02:29:13 EST 1994

I am a mere hopeful. What I am hoping for is Genetic research to change the 
way we live and think. Our lifespans would be extended thanks to that 
research that is going on right now. By evolution we will have advanced 
past the care of chance and random radiation into carefully thought
changes. However I agree that more evolution must occur before many 
humans are ready to accept such changes. The most important evolution would
be in the social structure of the human race. It is apparent that not everyone
can accept those chages immediately (i.e. Rwanda, Russia, and South Africa)
Those countries in () signify the very countries that have proven themselves
unable to accept a new order such as democracy (South Africa has at last taken
a few steps toward change). Maybe my ideas are to early, but one can hope!!!

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