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Sun May 22 17:02:34 EST 1994

In article <2rl89c$rn7 at nwfocus.wa.com>, venezia at zgi.com (Domenick Venezia)
> Does anyone know if human telomerase has been cloned and sequenced?  Either
> the protein or RNA moieties.  I do not find it listed in PIR or SWISS-PROT
> and nothing shows up in local and/or global similarity searches of these
> databases or in the first 3 translation frames of Genbank and the unique
> sequences to EMBL.

	   It has not been cloned, but people are working on it now. I will
try to find out which group for you.
> Have any of the "heavies" participated in this group?  How many of the
> participants are actually working on biology related to ageing and on
> telomeres in particular?

    I work on mapping a human telomere "half-YAC" library in the
lab of Harold Riethman. We have small projects studying the role
of telomeres in aging and cancer. 

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