Calories intake restriction

Vincenzo Nardi-Dei vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Sun May 22 22:08:14 EST 1994

I read often that reduction in intake of calories seems connected
to increase in the life span: I would like to know if the tests
have been done on the relative amount of calories or just roughly
on the total-amount, with no consideration for other very important
I mean e.g., I burn, with my daily life activity and excercise,
5,000 Kcalories (is this the unit?) par day and I intake 5,000 Kcalories
par day. My friend burns 2,000 Kcalories par day and intake 2,000
Kcalories. Is our life span expected to be different? or
(as I believe) not? I would expect differences if both of
us burn, with our daily life work and excercise, 2,000 Kcal par day
and I intake 5,000 and my friend only 2,000 Kcal, due to overloading
of catabolic pathways.
I am not expert on ageing, but of course I have a lot of scientific
curiosity on it, since its importance on our life.
I would suppose, also, that in the first mentioned case, my life
span would be longer then that one of my friend.

-- Vincenzo

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