Telomerase animal studies?

ABUBU abubu at aol.com
Thu May 26 11:36:07 EST 1994

I gather from reading other posts that while telomerase (and it's
corresponding gene) have not been cloned, telomerase has been
purified.  Has anyone been conducting animal studies to see what the
effect of introducing telomerase does?  It seems that this would be
the definitive way to answer the questions that have been posed. 
Perhaps purification of enough telomerase remains prohibitively
expensive?  If not, studies could be done to test its effect on
cancer rates, and life-span.  One problem that I can think of is
delivery to the appropriate places in the animals.  Will it cross
cell membranes if injected?  Probably not.  What about using DMSO or
another carrier?

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