Calories intake restriction

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> I read often that reduction in intake of calories seems connected
> to increase in the life span: I would like to know if the tests
> have been done on the relative amount of calories or just roughly
> on the total-amount, with no consideration for other very important
> variabiles.
> I mean e.g., I burn, with my daily life activity and excercise,
> 5,000 Kcalories (is this the unit?) par day and I intake 5,000 Kcalories
> par day. My friend burns 2,000 Kcalories par day and intake 2,000
> Kcalories. Is our life span expected to be different? or
> (as I believe) not? I would expect differences if both of
> us burn, with our daily life work and excercise, 2,000 Kcal par day
> and I intake 5,000 and my friend only 2,000 Kcal, due to overloading
> of catabolic pathways.


I work at the Natl. Inst. on Aging as a postdoc. While my area of expertise
is not diet restriction, however from what I understand the studies have
only focused on a reduction of the caloric intake relative to what the rat
(or other species) would ingest ad librum (ie unrestricted access to
food).Your second example is an good approximation of what we know based on
current research.

I will inquire about the effect of metabolism and external factors and post
any noteworthy information. 

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