Domenick Venezia venezia at zgi.com
Fri May 27 19:11:30 EST 1994

Sidney Shall says that the RNA moiety has been cloned but the protein 
moiety has not been.  I'm not sure which organisms Sidney is talking about,
but at least the yeast protein moiety has been cloned.  Lundblad, V. and
Szostak, J.W. "A Mutant with a Defect in Telomere Elongation Leads to
Senescence in Yeast", Cell 57:633-643.  Search for locus EST1 in    
PIR and/or EST1_YEAST in SWISS-PROT.  The RNA moiety has been cloned from
about 8 ciliates (Cell 67:343-353).  

Sidney, if you are speaking of the human moieties, please email or
post the reference(s).  Thanks.

Domenick Venezia
Seattle, WA
venezia at zgi.com

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