Lisa Ruthig ruthig at wista.wistar.upenn.edu
Tue May 31 17:37:53 EST 1994

In article <2s627i$d9s at nwfocus.wa.com>, venezia at zgi.com (Domenick Venezia)
> Sidney Shall says that the RNA moiety has been cloned but the protein 
> moiety has not been.  I'm not sure which organisms Sidney is talking about,
> but at least the yeast protein moiety has been cloned.  Lundblad, V. and
> Szostak, J.W. "A Mutant with a Defect in Telomere Elongation Leads to
> Senescence in Yeast", Cell 57:633-643.  Search for locus EST1 in    
> PIR and/or EST1_YEAST in SWISS-PROT.  The RNA moiety has been cloned from
> about 8 ciliates (Cell 67:343-353).  

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