Apoptosis vio flow-cytometry??

Inst. f. Biochemistry dh7y at .pop.th-darmstadt.de
Tue Nov 22 10:19:16 EST 1994

Hello world!

In the moment I´m working on the exciting field of apoptosis.
I´m trying to detect a small amount of apoptotic cells and I 
can use a flow cytometer. I tried some techniques to detect
the apoptotic cells as mentioned in several papers (ethanol fixation
and DAPI-staining afterwards) but I still wasn´t succesful to detect the
apoptotic cells. Is there anybody working on a similar problem and is able
to give me some useful hints or another good method?
I think of another method as well, the DNA end labeling. Are there some good
hints as well or can I use the protocols descirpted in papers by Gavrieli
(Journal of Cell Biol.) or Gorczyca (Cytometry) or Hotz (Cytometry).

I thank everybody for useful hints because in the moment I´m a little bit 

Gangolf Schrimpf
e-mail: dh7y at pop.th-darmstadt.de

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