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Mitchell Porter ma157727 at dingo.cc.uq.oz.au
Sat Sep 10 10:26:21 EST 1994

A month or so ago, I proposed to assemble a guide to net-resources pertaining 
to life extension. This is the result.  Although I have attempted to avoid 
making mistakes, it's worth emphasizing that this is very much an amateur 
effort. I am certainly no biologist.

It is a very meagre list, and in particular there is next to nothing here
that would help any researcher. I would be interested to know where people 
think research should focus, in order that progress be made as quickly and 
effectively as possible.


Usenet newsgroups: sci.life-extension and bionet.molbio.ageing
	sci.cryonics, sci.med(.*), alt.med.*

Web pages:
Life expectancy data? (unseen)

  (FSCN is Food Science and Nutrition)

BIOLOGY section in the Yanoff Internet Services list

MEDICAL/HEALTH section in the Yanoff Internet Services list

"A NO National Health Care Page."


Life Extension and Cryonics
Uploading, Self Transformation and AI

Lawrence London <london at sunSITE.unc.edu> archives sci.life-extension and its
FAQs, alongside a lot of alternative healthcare material, at sunsite.unc.edu.
The FAQs:
The newsgroup:
Web address: http://sunsite.unc.edu/
Gopher address: gopher://sunsite.unc.edu
  In the pub/academic directory there are also archives on many other
health-related topics, including many newsgroup FAQs and mailing lists.

The Extropians mailing list. Subscription requests  go to
               Extropians-request at extropy.org
alt.extropians on Usenet sees very little use.

Cryonics (from the sci.cryonics FAQ)
Mail kqb at whscad1.att.com or kevin.q.brown at att.com with subject "CRYOMSG n".
This will fetch messages from the cryonics mailing list archive, apparently.
Kevin Brown also administrates the list proper; subscription requests should
go to the same addresses. Limited archives can be found at
Note that "you will need to give the entire directory path at once to FTP."
Recommended: 0004, 0005, 100, 200,... 900.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation 
(7895 E. Acoma Dr. #110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6916, USA)
Phone: 1-800-367-2228
Email: info at alcor.org

One can receive Alcor's standard brochure from this address - "a 20kb 
introduction to cryonics" - and information on how to subscribe to 
*Cryonics* magazine and to obtain the book *Cryonics: Reaching For Tomorrow.*

American Cryonics Society (ACS)
Phone: 1-408-734-4111
Email: cryonics at netcom.com

CryoCare Foundation 
(10627 Youngworth Road, Culver City, CA 90230, USA)
Phone: 1-800-TOP-CARE
Email: 72727.560 at compuserve.com (Brenda Peters, President), 
       cryonews at phantom.com

"CryoCare will send you our bi-monthly newsletter and CryoCare items and 
publications which are not available by email. This includes a CryoCare letter
opener, four booklets, "CryoSpan", "CryoCare", "BioPreservation", and "A Short
History of Cryonics", also color photographs of the BioPreservation facility, 
and much more. This package is free of charge." 

Life Extension Foundation - 71043.1120 at CompuServe.com (Saul Kent)
(P.O.Box 229120, Hollywood, Florida 33022-9120, USA)
Phone: 1-800-841-LIFE

Publish "The Directory of Life Extension Nutrients and Drugs" (1994 ed., $75) 
"but, you may be able to obtain the directory by just indicating your
interest in, say, Melatonin, or, "Brain-Boosting" Nutrients, such as,
DMAE-Ginkgo, Hydergine, etc. etc."

Some resources not on the net, which people sent word of anyway

THE IMMORTALIST newsletter.  Does not appear to be online, but available from
THE IMMORTALIST SOCIETY, 24443 Roanoke, Oak Park, MI 48237, USA

Wihuri Research Laboratory of Low Temperatures
University of Turku
Turun Yliopisto
20500  TURKU

Chris Driver of Deakin University, Australia <drierac at deakin.edu.au>
"I would add to that a paper that I have in press with the Ann. NY Acad Sci
in which I have obtained lifespan prolongation by inhibitors of reverse
transcriptase. The paper will be out shortly."

LIFE SPAN PROLONGATION by Frolkis and Muradian, CRC Press 1991


"If the human race took death seriously, there would be no more of it"
        Celia Green

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