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 John at longevb.demon.co.uk asks:
JD+In article: <3lgf2r$dui at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>  <W.G.VAN.DOORN at ATO.AGRO.NL> 
  +> There are plants (ferns and trees) that live for thousands of years. In
  +> such plants, however, each dividing cell has a life which is probably 
  +                                                               ^^^^^^^^
  +> much shorter, similar to the situation in the bacterial colony.

JD+Has anyone any hard facts on this? It looks as though this is an important 

Van Doorn has just presented the hard fact, elegantly and succinctly 
stated.  I think it's a testimony to the Net's degradation that you 
don't recognise one when you see it.
His use of the word "probably", which you underline as though it were 
something odd, simply adds to the accuracy of the whole statement.

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