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Wed Apr 12 17:30:58 EST 1995

David Lloyd-Jones (david.lloyd-jones at canrem.com) wrote:
:  John at longevb.demon.co.uk asks:
: JD+In article: <3lgf2r$dui at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>  <W.G.VAN.DOORN at ATO.AGRO.NL> 
:   +writes:
:   +> There are plants (ferns and trees) that live for thousands of years. In
:   +> such plants, however, each dividing cell has a life which is probably 
:   +                                                               ^^^^^^^^
:   +> much shorter, similar to the situation in the bacterial colony.
:   +> 

: JD+Has anyone any hard facts on this? It looks as though this is an important 
:   +point.

: John,
: Van Doorn has just presented the hard fact, elegantly and succinctly 
: stated.  I think it's a testimony to the Net's degradation that you 
: don't recognise one when you see it.
: His use of the word "probably", which you underline as though it were 
: something odd, simply adds to the accuracy of the whole statement.
:                                     -dlj.

: david.lloyd-jones at canrem.com

:  * 1st 1.11 #3818 * "640k should be enough for anybody" - Bill Gates, 1981.

No dlj, not "something odd" but something "important as John originally said.
Such an distinction is important and prevents the fact from being "hard" : but
as you said net degradation.

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