133 years old

Mark Gardner mrg at ruf.rice.edu
Sat Apr 15 08:21:17 EST 1995

Does anyone have any information on the old-timer that CNN reported on
this morning. There was about a five second clip "sound bite" on
an old man in the middle east that supposedly was confirmed to be 133 years old. They said he 
was a vegetarian that smoke and drank. They had a film clip of him. He looked about 70 
years old. He was puffing a sig.

I am mad at CNN for only giving a taste of the story and then going on to spend the next
30 minutes with WORTHLESS sports, weather and politics. In fact I rarely watch the news
anymore because it is so WORTHLESS.

I would almost bet that the tobacco industry found this old guy just to combat the movement
to ban tobacco - more politics.

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