ERATO Osaka Symposia

Alan Engel aengel at netaxs.com
Mon Apr 17 11:07:55 EST 1995

The Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO) program 
of the Research Development Corporation of Japan (JRDC) announces 
its annual Osaka Symposia.

Date:  Thursday, 25 May, 13:00-17:05
Place: Osaka Science & Technology Center, 8F, Main Hall

Admission: Free
Language:  Japanese


Opening Address (13:300-13:45)
	Hiromichi Matsudiara, President, JRDC

Yoshizato Morphomatrix Project (13:45-14:35)
 - Towards Elucidation of Cell-Matrix Interactions Involved 
in Organ Formation
		Katsutoshi Yoshizato
	1. Culture of Hepatocytes with Clonal Proliferation
		Chise Tateno
	2. Culture of Papilla Cells that Support Hair Formation
		Takashi Matsuzuki

Hirao Active Glass Project (14:35-15:05)
- Laser-Induced Electronic Structure of Non-crystalline Solids
		Kazuyuki Hirao

Intermission and Panel Session (15:05-15:25)

Fusetani Biofouling Project (15:25-16:15)
- Chemical Signals Involved in Communications of Marine Organisms
		Nobuhiro Fusetani
	1. Biology of Larval Settlement
		Koichiro Tsurumi
	2. Bioorganic Chemistry on Settlement Signal Substances
		Hiroshi Hirota
	3. Signal Tranduction on Larval Settlement
		Kiyotaka Matsumura

Itaya Electrochemiscopy Project (16:15-17:05)
- Electrode-Liquid Interfaces at Atomic Resolution
		Kingo Itaya
	1. Surface Structure by Combined Ultrahigh Vacuum and
		Taro Yamada
	2. Semiconductor Surfaces at Atomic Resolution
		Hideki Yao

Panel Session also includes the following projects:

1. Takayanagi Particle Surface Project
2. Yamamoto Behavior Genes Project
3. Takai Biotimer Project

Close (17:05)

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