AGING Processes - Many? A Definition?

Mark Gardner mrg at ruf.rice.edu
Sun Apr 23 11:08:47 EST 1995

steve at chambers.ak.planet.co.nz (Steve Chambers) wrote:
> Earlier, I wrote:
> >So if this and similar definitions for an aging process won't cut it,
> >then what will?  

>    Any common process with the capacity to increase adult mortality, 
>    or degrade adult function, in an age-dependant manner. 
> Your collective thoughts?
> Steve

So as a child grows older and becomes an adult. Is this not aging?
We have a method to stop us from growing for ever. We may reach 6'
tall and then our growth process begins to shut down. Is this
the same process as aging? Maybe this is what causes aging. I think
lobsters and turtles continue to grow in size and they tend to have
long lives. The lives of humans have increased as we extended our
childhood. Our puberty is at about 12 years old compared to a couple 
of years for other primates. This has postponed adulthood and thus 
extended our entire lifespan. 

Could it be that the same process that matures us also causes us to
grow old?

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