AGING Processes - Many? A Definition?

Joseph Norton jnor at FREENET.SCRI.FSU.EDU
Mon Apr 24 12:50:01 EST 1995

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, John de Rivaz wrote:
> Could not the process that we call ageing merely be a summation of side 
> effects of the process we call healthy life?
this seems a little backwards to me
doesn't ist seem more likely to be a summation of side-effects of the 
process we call an UNhealthy life-style?

> If life is a system of a large number of variables and feedback loops all 
> trying to keep the system stable, then Chaos theory shows that eventually 
> the process of stabilisation must fail.
does this seem a little  off to anyone else?  doesn't it seem like we 
could continue to heal ourselves (or that our bodies could continue the 
process of self healing ) continually?   i mean  if other life forms can 
regenerate body parts, why would it not be possible for us to figure out 
how to regenerate healthy cells/tissue etc.?

> we can do to put off the evil day, but without a total redesign of the 
> system we will never be able to totally eliminate ageing. 
?  how can you say this?  i mean, why isn't it just as 'true' to say:
"if we eliminated all carcinogens and other environmental toxins and fed 
our selves appropriately, we could live forever."

> **** What is the point of life if it ends in death? ****
are you like saying "why live if we can't live forever?"
why look at a sunset if it doesn't last forever?
why smell a flower if we can't smell it forever?

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