Tomato Ripening

Oliver Bogler obogler at ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 26 15:00:31 EST 1995

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>  It is known that production of ethylene in tomato causes its
>  ripening. Ethylene can be considered to be a reducing agent
>  based on its ability to get oxidised. Therefore, it puzzles me
>  to find a situation where 'ageing' is brought about by a 
>  reducing agent instead of an oxidising agent. Also the ethylene 
>  production is not caused by external factors and instead it is 
>  genetic programming. 
What makes you think that ripening and ageing are the same thing? Or even
aguely related? In any case beware of the simplistic theory that
anti-oxidants are anti-ageing. They may prevent the accumulation of damage
caused by the oxygen radicals generated in the course of metabolism, but
there is evidence that ageing is driven by more active processes than just
accumulting damage.


Oliver Bogler
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