'Immortal'; Request For Synonym

Oliver Bogler obogler at ucsd.edu
Thu Apr 27 12:41:50 EST 1995

>  Recently Don Ashley wrote:
> > * This is a request for a more 'scientific' term for perpetual cell 
> > * division.  The term 'immortal' is offensive to some scientists and 
> > * religious fundamentalists.  

I just wanted to add my voice to Horst's - I agree with him: "immortal" is
a scientific term in that when it is used by scientists that study
cellular immortality, it has a narrow scientific definition. This is not
to be confused with the term immortal as used outside of scientific
discussion. I know that Wouter and I had a long discussion on that a
little while ago (parenthetically the thread dissappeared from my
computer, though I caught a reply from Wouter in quotes later on - I'd
like to apologise if I caused offenseto him by saying that I thought he
was confusing things).


Oliver Bogler
obogler at ucsd.edu

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