solid data that says cancer caused by ageing process (Forwarded article)

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Wed Sep 6 12:43:12 EST 1995

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> Sure, why not?  Just because an aging process is most observable late
> in life doesn't mean that it hasn't been going on throughout.  Adults may
> not have neuroblasts and other early development cell types but that's
> not important - it's the somatic mutations (which can happen at any age) 
> that are the "aging" process of interest here. 
> Besides, we're quite happy to conceptualize Werner's and other progerias 
> as premature aging.  Why not other age-linked phenomenon that occur in
> childhood?

I can't really carry on the debate, as I don't know enough about the
molecular lesions that have been implicated in embryonic and childhood
cancers.I guess that if the mutation was caused by a mutation in the
*parent's* germ cells, then one could quite easily claim it to be

> PS  Andy - We're talking about aging of whole organisms here ;-)
>     Good to hear from you again.

Organisms? What are they? Can you grow them in a dish?????


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