Marina U. Alesina amy at chescen.kiev.ua
Sun Sep 1 10:13:00 EST 1996

Ministry of Chernobyl (Ukraine)
Chernobyl Scientific & Technical Centre fÏÇ International Research
Department of Radiation Biology and Medicine (DRBM)


 T O P I C A L  PROBLEMS  (O N L Y !!!):

1.To assess influence of ionizing radiation on hydrobionts, terrestrial
  vertebrates  and  experimental animals being  under conditions of the
  exclusion  zone  at  the  population/organism/tissue/genetic levels.
2.To develop the methods for biological and pharmacological protection
 of living organisms against the injurious effects of ionizing radiation.

 SUPPORT of RESEARCH: we possess laboratories equipped at the level of
international standards   and  š_experimental  basesš.  (š_the  ChNPPš.  š_water
š_cooling pond,  pontoon nurse-pond lines,  incubation shop, vivaria for
š_keeping laboratory  rats and mice,  shed for breeding of small mammals
etcš_)š. being within 3 to 10km  from the epicentre of the accident and
has an exclusive right to take soil/water/vegetation/biology  samples
for carrying out the research.

 WE  INVITE  leading  scientists in  the  sphere  of  radioecology,
radiobiology, medical radiology and pharmacology  TO  CO-OPERATE  in
solving the a.m. problems  & using scientific test grounds.

  DID YOU TAKE AN INTEREST IN IT ? - PLEASE send your proposition:
E-mail: AMY @ CHESCEN.KIEV.UA; our fax:38-044-93-5-20-64/or...5-21-64/.

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