? Anybody from Baltimote, Please help!

Leonid A.Gavrilov gavrilov at ILR.GENEBEE.MSU.SU
Fri Sep 6 10:47:17 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,

   Recently I have discovered for myself some wonderful publications
on the inheritance of human longevity:

   Hawkins M.R., E.A.Murphy, H.Abbey, 1965. The familial components in
longevity. A study of the offspring of nonagenarians. I.Methods and
preliminary report.  Bull.John Hopkins Hosp. vol.117, pp.24-36.

   Abbott M.H., E.A.Murphy, D.R.Bolling and H.Abbey, 1974. The familial
component in longevity: A study of offspring of nonagenarians. II.Preliminary
analysis of the completed study. Johns Hopkins Med.J. vol.134, pp.1-16.

   Abbott H.M., Abbey H., Bolling D.R., Murphy E.A. The familial
component in longevity - A study of offspring of nonagenarians.
III. Intra-familial studies. Am.J.Med.Genet., 1978, vol.2, pp.109-120.

   Zauber, A.G. 1976. Multiple regressions with censored survivals in
a Makeham model with application to longevity, Ph.D. thesis, Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore.

   I am most interested to establish E-mail contacts with the authors
of these outstanding papers and scientific collaboration with these

   If anybody can help me with their E-mail addresses?

   My guess is that all these scientists are from the same organization:

             Division of Medical Genetics
             Department of Medicine
             The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
             Baltimore, Maryland

  Thank you in advance,

   Dr.Leonid A.Gavrilov, Ph.D.
   Director, Center for Longevity Research
   A.N.Belozersky Institute
   Moscow State University
   119899 Moscow, Russia
   FAX: 7-095-939-0338
   Email: gavrilov at ilr.genebee.msu.su

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