cooperation in Immortology and Rejuvenation

Tom Matthews tmatth at netcom.ca
Tue Jul 15 04:58:02 EST 1997

Vladimir V. Bakaev wrote:
> Do know anybody anything about the Society "Project Faust"?  Are there
> any societies  about Rejuvenology and/or Immortology?  I would like to
> be in close cooperation with anybody who decided to  struggle  against
> aging by scientific methods. Many thanks!

I have never heard of "Project Faust", but the Life Extension Foundation
(see URL below), The Prometheus Project
(http://www.prometheus-project.org/prometheus/), Longevity-Digest email
list, the newsgroup sci.cryonics, and the cryonics organizations
http://www.cryonet.org, http://www.cryocare.org and http://www.alcor.org
all fit your description.

Tom Matthews

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