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Ralph L. Samson 73071.20 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Tue Jul 22 11:33:36 EST 1997

Hello Ageing Bionet Readers,
       I want to describe what I consider a new approach to fat loss.
There is still some more investigation required and I thought some of
you might be able to help me on that.
       The basic approach, that was completely acidently discovered,
is to trick the body's metabolism into thinking that there is a lot
of free fatty acids circulating in the blood that needs to be burned
up.  Since there really isn't, the excess enzymes manufactured wind
up pulling fat out of stored fat and burning it up.
       How does one do this?  Simply by ingesting a dose (400 mg) of
a free fatty acid (powder in a gelcap) on an empty stomach.  When the
free fatty acid reaches the small intestine, it is digested without
requiring the action of lipase.  Then, when it is in the epithelial
cells, it remains a free fatty acid, since there is no glycerol around
to combine with to form triglycerides.  If there are no triglycerides,
there are no chylomicrons produced.  Then the free fatty acid passes
into the portal blood.  The net effect is to quickly create a concen-
tration of free fatty acid in the portal blood going to the liver.
Apparently, the metabolism interprets this concentration as being
widespread and proceeds to manufacture enough enzymes to burn it up.
Of course, the raw materials to make the enzymes must be available.  I
believe this consists mainly of B vitamins, as coenzymes, and amino
       I have been doing this for over 22 months with surprising
results.  After three months, my nasal and sinus passages stayed
clear all the time.  Also my sleep apnea disappeared.  These I
believe are due to loss of internal body fat, in the mouth tissues
in the case of sleep apnea.  After five months, almost all of the
body fat by my stomach had disappeared.  After seven months, I
had blood tests which showed a very good lipid profile.  My ratio
of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol was 2.86.  My triglycerides
were low and my glucose level was lower (81) than usual.  The last
I attribute to the energy, being supplied by fat burning, reducing
the need for glucose.
       So what is the overall picture?  We have an approach that
appears to be extremely safe, quite effective, easy to follow and
inexpensive to boot.  It also has desirable side effects.
       How can it be demonstrated that this really works?  The
obvious answer is to show that the level of fat burning enzymes
in the blood rises significantly.  Which are these enzymes?  I
don't know, and don't really know exactly how to find out.  They
are probably similar or identical to the enzymes that release or
injection of Human Growth Hormone produces.  This is where I thought
some of you readers might be able to help.
       If you should wish to contact me directly, my email address
is: "internet:73071.20 at compuserve.com".
Regards, Ralph

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