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I am looking for person(s) who might help me in finding agents/publishers
for publishing my short book dealing with the issues of aging and death. I
am enclosing a brief synopsis for the book.The book was originally
published in India in Punjabi language and has generated a lot of
excitement and praise for its readability, scientific correctness, and
cultural/sociological/philosophical/spiritual dimensions. I have now
prepapred its English version myself, and I am looking for appropriate ways
to publish.
Here is the synopsis:
Synopsis for the book Where's Baba Gone?
written by: Suresh Rattan

This is a story of a teenage girl, Akshoo, who cannot easily accept the
notion that it is natural for human beings to become old and die. She wants
to know why it is natural?! Her 86-year old grandfather (Baba), provides
her with answers from Indian culture, scriptures and philosophy. Her
parents, representing the educated middle class in modern India, and who
carry highly rationalised work-ethics and ideas, provide contemporary
viewpoints to her queries. Her scientist uncle Shashi, who works in
England, provides her with the latest scientific information about aging
and age-related changes in human body and behaviour. She is thus taken
through various layers and levels of knowledge in accordance with both the
philosophy, culture and ideas of Hindu/Sikh religions, and a highly
rational scientific outlook. After the sudden and peaceful death of Baba,
Akshoo comes face to face with the question of death of a loved one. She is
joined by her younger cousin, Anuresh, from England, who also brings in
discussion, because of his bringing up in the west, several western
cultural ideas about aging and death. Together, they resolve the question
of the loss of the loved one (their grandfather, Baba) by understanding and
accepting that a person does not die as long as his/her memories persist in
the minds of others. They realise that their grandfather is now an integral
part of their memories.
	The story brings together scientific, cultural and religious
elements in a new and creative manner that may be called as scientific
spiritualism.  It not only gives scientifically correct information, but
also generates an understanding which is culturally, emotionally and
spiritually very rich. Grounded firmly in the rational and scientific
viewpoints, the explanations provided in this story help to live life more
intensely and peacefully. Finally, this story about aging and death is
actually a story about life and the power of creative thinking.
	The story is illustrated in highly expressive 20 black-and-white
drawings by a young Indian artist, Mr. Rahi M. Singh. The book will be of
great interest to readers of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds by
providing them with a powerful new approach of scientific spiritualism to
help deal with major emotional issues in life.
	The story was originally published in India in Punjabi language
(February 1997), and is re-told/re-written in English by the author, Dr.
Suresh Rattan, who also holds all copyrights for the text and the
illustrations. The illustrations in the manuscript are copies of the
originals which can be provided on demand. The text (~ 15,000 words) can
also be provided on a computer diskette.

Dr. Suresh I. S. Rattan, PhD; DSc
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