AIDS Decline: Still Explanable as Change in Testosterone Population

James Howard jmhoward at sprynet.com
Fri Sep 19 05:08:41 EST 1997

AIDS Decline: Still Explanable as Change in Testosterone Population

James Howard

I posted the following explanation of this phenomenon, March 4, 1997, on 
some of the internet newsgroups. If you read this, you will see that
it still applies to the current CDC report. JMH

An Explanation of the Decline in AIDS Deaths

James Howard

Some of you, who have read my posts here, know I suggest testosterone 
increases the effects of HIV and AIDS. It is also part of my overall
theory that testosterone, in both sexes, is rising in our population. 
These two hypotheses may explain the current decline in AIDS deaths,
without resorting to "our sustained national public health investment in 
AIDS research, prevention and care," President Clinton. (My
explanation of this also directly involves reduced availability of the 
hormone, DHEA. The connection of testosterone and DHEA may be read
in detail at http://www.naples.net~nfn03605 on the web. Citations 
supporting my explanation, below, are available at this site.)

If testosterone is rising in our population, and it increases 
vulnerability to HIV infection and AIDS, a specific pattern should occur 
that is
most easily seen during the introduction of a new virus into a 
population. This has occurred in the case of the HIV. It should first 
populations of males, who are low DHEA. This is the case: HIV first 
struck the male homosexual population. Homosexuals, on average,
produce less DHEA than heterosexual males. It should affect males, who 
actively reduce their DHEA. It is part of my theory that habitual use
of drugs of abuse reduces the availability of DHEA. The population of 
male drug abusers has been hit hard by the HIV.

It is also part of my theory that male and female blacks produce more 
testosterone than male and female whites, respectively. It is proven 
male blacks, in the U.S., produce significantly more testosterone than 
male whites. A researcher in endocrinology, who has measured
testosterone levels in females, has informed me that female blacks 
produce more testosterone than female whites, but has not publised this
data. (I think this important data has not been published, because of 
the "politically correct" movement. I have been unable to find
comparisons of testosterone levels in female racial groups in the 
medical literature.) The black population, particularly those who abuse
drugs, have been hit disproportionately hard by the HIV.

It is part of my theory that viruses and bacteria have affected major 
populations throughout history, as testosterone levels increased in 
populations. I suggest testosterone levels always increase in thriving 
civilizations, and this ultimately leads to the decline of the 
(Please read my theory of human evolution, also at the page mentioned 
above.) One aspect of this decline is an increase in infection rates
among those high in testosterone. In the case of infections, the 
population is reduced in high testosterone types. 

There are two major findings in the "decline in deaths rates from AIDS." 

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