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	If you are a college student, have a child or good friend in college then you need to know about the Computerized Thesis Writing Guide.  This program shows you how to write a term-paper, thesis project, or a Ph.D. dissertation. It will save months of time and hours of anguish. Users of our software routinely report that professors see them as their best students, far ahead of their fellow students.   (An excellent, thoughtful gift for that college student).  The programs run in Windows (any version).  They guide you step-by-step through the process of writing your term-paper/thesis/dissertation.  Use them to generate rough drafts of all chapter sections.  The outputs can be read into any word processor for final editing and formatting.  So, you can format the material according to APA, MLA, or any other style you may wish to use.  
	The package contains a number of "executable" programs, one for each chapter of the typical thesis (Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion) and some statistical and support programs. (For example, one support program shows you how to write your abstract).  
	All programs operate in the same manner.  First, they tell you how the chapter should be arranged in sections.  (For example, Chapter 1 contains the introduction, problem statement, purpose and objective, rationale, etc.).  Next, for each section within a chapter, they explain what should be written and the topics to be covered.  Then the program shows you an example of how to write the section and what each paragraph should cover.  Finally, you are provided a writing screen, an elementary, generic word processor, for you to compose your own work.  The generic word processor is compatible with any Windows word processor.  To help at this final stage, the program will load the example for you to type over.  Many students find that they can simply replace the example words for their specific topic.
	The reactions that I have received from new users have been extremely positive.  Many report that the Guide saved them months of time in writing their projects.  One student reported that it was like having her instructor sitting on her shoulder tell her what to write. The most negative response was from another instructor who wrote " . . . how can you dare write this guide.  Now anyone can write a dissertation despite what they might know about their topic!" 
	The price of the package is $44.70 (unconditionally guaranteed).  To order, contact us on the Internet at  http://www.flashflood.com/elfinindex.html or mail your order to us at the address above.  If you would like an abbreviated, demonstration copy then email your request to elfin1 at flashflood.Com .  

Clifford Weedman, Ph.D.

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