Steven Evanson Evanson at MBAY.NET
Tue Sep 30 13:07:37 EST 1997

To: Darryl Lum:

I noticed you Internet exchange on Pikamilone from Nov. 96'.  Recently, a 
friend gave me a packet of small white tablets labeled Pikamilone, 50mg. 
Pikamilone is supposedly a clever combination of GABA and niacinamide 
originating in Eastern Europe. I've tried a similar Twin Labs mix but the 
Pikamilone produces far stronger and definitive effects from far lower 
doses.  It seems to slow the rate of thinking processes without producing 
any physical side-effects or drug like sensations.  I've intense mental 
activity and I found the effects most pleasant after a day of mental 

Do you have any more information on it now?  Do you know where it might 
be purchased?  I'd appreciate anything you have.

               Thanks, Steven Evanson   evanson at mbay.net

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