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Tue Sep 30 21:58:21 EST 1997

Steven Evanson wrote:
> I noticed you Internet exchange on Pikamilone from Nov. 96'.  Recently, a
> friend gave me a packet of small white tablets labeled Pikamilone, 50mg.
> Pikamilone is supposedly a clever combination of GABA and niacinamide
> originating in Eastern Europe. I've tried a similar Twin Labs mix but the
> Pikamilone produces far stronger and definitive effects from far lower
> doses.  It seems to slow the rate of thinking processes without producing
> any physical side-effects or drug like sensations.  I've intense mental
> activity and I found the effects most pleasant after a day of mental
> work.
> Do you have any more information on it now?  Do you know where it might
> be purchased?  I'd appreciate anything you have.

Picamilon was described in detail in the July issue of Life Extension
I may be a good alternative to GHB as a sleep aid and deep sleep, GH

It is available through their supplier of unapproved offshore products:
Libertarian Solutions and may be ordered by phoning 800-747-0149. The
volume price is $224 for 480 50mg tabs with a 25% discount if you are a
member of the Life Extension Foundation.

Tom Matthews
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