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>1) thanks for the post. I (and possibly others) would appreciate it if you
>could assemble all the posts in this series and add them to a web site
>somewhere. I would like to be able to refer others to what you have written 
>as I have not found any other comprehensive summary of the telomere theory
>available on the web.

Thank you!

I will be re-posting the entire article, including references, in the near 
future.  But first I have to finish writing it!

When completed it will also become part of Lifelines' web pages at the url 

>If Brian was to summarize CR and Aubrey was to summarize mitochondrial aging
>in a similar way it would also provide an excellent reference site for 
>people joining this newsgroup that want to get up to speed on the current 
>state of research.

I concur and offer space on Lifelines' web pages to maintain their summaries.

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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