Telomeric Theory - Research Proposals

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sat Nov 14 10:57:27 EST 1998

Andrew Mason wrote:

> If Brian was to summarize CR and Aubrey was to summarize mitochondrial aging
> in a similar way it would also provide an excellent reference site for people
> joining this newsgroup that want to get up to speed on the current state of
> research.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this: I've been travelling for the
past two weeks.

Brian in fact already maintains such a resource -- the CR FAQ, online at
http://www.infinitefaculty.org/sci/cr/cr.htm .  I agree with your sentiment
that it would be valuable to advertise (if not actually post) that document
regularly here.

As for mitochondria and free radicals in aging, yes, I would like to find
the time to do the same -- not because there is a lack of such resources
online, but because there is such a plethora of decidedly mediocre ones.
[This is of course purposely inflammatory: if anyone knows of a good
online summary of this topic, I urge them to let the group know about it.]
The labour involved is of course the main obstacle.  I hope to be able to
find the time for this eventually, but I fear it won't be all that soon.

Similar summaries of other aspects of aging, particularly glycation, would
of course also be welcome.

Aubrey de Grey

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