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Brian Manning Delaney bmdelaney at notarealaddr.ess
Sat Nov 14 23:47:33 EST 1998

Aubrey de Grey wrote:
> Andrew Mason wrote:

>> If Brian was to summarize CR and Aubrey was to
>> summarize mitochondrial aging in a similar way
>> it would also provide an excellent reference
>> site for people joining this newsgroup that want
>> to get up to speed on the current state of
>> research.

> Sorry for the delay in responding to this: I've
> been travelling for the past two weeks.

I meant to respond to this earlier myself.

> Brian in fact already maintains such a resource
> -- the CR FAQ, online at
> http://www.infinitefaculty.org/sci/cr/cr.htm.
> I agree with your sentiment that it would be
> valuable to advertise (if not actually post)
> that document regularly here.

I've resisted posting the whole FAQ, for a bunch of reasons, some of
which might be silly. One non-silly reason is simply that it's too
big; a second is that it's a bit too detailed.

But for some time I've been planning to produce a "Just give me the
basic idea" version, both for posting here, and for placement on my
Web site. Unfortunately I've been too busy to get to it just yet.
But I expect to have it ready within a couple of months, if not

> As for mitochondria and free radicals in aging,
> yes, I would like to find the time to do the same

This would be a great resource for Sci.life-extension, and for the
Internet as well.

And thanks to Thomas Mahoney for offering space to serve the FAQs.

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