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Shen Min (chinese name Shou wu) has been used as chinese herb. but only
Shen Min cannot stop hair loss. Unually it is used with other herbs.

what is your type of hair loss? seborrhoeic alopecia? androgenetic
alopecia? Alopecia Aereata? ??

hair become thin, then loss little by little? or
loss hair in a sudden in a small area?

different herb medicines cure difference type of hair loss!


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> > Does anyone have info on a chinese herb called "shen min". I was
told it
> was
> > used to reverse the effects of male baldness. Info on its side
> would
> > also be greatly appreciated.
> This might sound odd, but try rec.drugs.smart.  There are people
there that
> know lots about herbs, and aging in general.  I believe there are
also some
> baldness specific newsgroups.
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