Telomere Shortening in YOUTH!

Bob Bob at home.net
Fri May 7 08:42:09 EST 1999

On 5 May 1999 20:20:25 GMT, excelife at earthlink.net (Thomas Mahoney)

>>In addition, the scientists found that the changes in telomere length
>>were unrelated to the activity of the enzyme telomerase, which can
>>influence telomere shortening. They reported that levels of the enzyme
>>varied and were in general low among the children. "This suggested to
>>us that the changes in telomere length may indeed reflect the number
>>of cell divisions that the cells had undergone," said Zeichner. 

Can someone explains this paragraph to me?  At first glance, it seems
to me that, if the levels of telomerase were low in children, then
their telomeres should shorten faster, and that  this study is saying
their telomeres do shorten faster.  So why are the two unrelated?

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