Accredited Investors Only!

giscard at WRITEMAIL.COM giscard at WRITEMAIL.COM
Sat May 22 02:43:19 EST 1999

                     PRIVATE PLACEMENT
              156,250 Shares - $1.60 per share                                 
                       $5,000 Minimum             

Shares in this publicly owned Internet company are available to a 
select number of sophisticated investors who meet the requirements 
set forth in Reg D.   Proceeds to fund expansion of Internet
operations and satisfaction of market listing requirements.  This
Private Placement offers the opportunity for investors to take a
position BEFORE the stock begins trading.  

A copy of the business plan, subscription docs and website URL
are available to Accredited Investors only by filling out webform
located at:  http://server15.hypermart.net/mitc/

For immediate consideration (or if form malfunctions) e-mail the company at: 
placement at dcemail.com  and inquire with company officials as to 
YOUR current status as a sophisticated investor.  This Private Placement 
is open to certain sophisticated investors, and is NOT open to residents 
of the following states:   KS, TX, CO, NE, ND, SD, NJ,  

Many thanks,



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