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Dear Medical Professional Colleague-
By way of introduction my name is Stephanie.  I am a registered nurse with
a degree in business administration.  Ten years ago I was a FN (that’s a
frustrated nurse) until I learned how to work out of my home and make an
excellent income.  For the past ten years I have been working out of my
home for a doctor doing medical transcription and for three attorneys
reviewing medical records.  My present hourly fee is 60.00/hr.  I have
recently written my second home-study course teaching nurses or other
medical professionals just exactly how to do each one of these businesses. 
If you have any interest in working from home, I encourage you to contact
me for all of the details and contact information.  If my voice mail is
full, please try back and I will get right back to you via e-mail; my voice
mail only holds 25 messages.  Please enter the pager ID number after the
toll free 800 number and leave your message.  Your message simply needs to
state your e-mail and PLEASE say it twice.  If your address is FTP at aol.com,
please state F as in Frank, T as in Tom, P as in Peter.  Sometimes the
letters sound alike on voicemail.  Thanks for your interest and good luck
with whatever you decide to do with your future!
1-800-365-7789, pager ID # is 220293 

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