World Conference On Bioethics

International Bioethics Society (SIBI) congreso at sibi.org
Tue Apr 11 06:33:02 EST 2000

A World Wide Society for the Century of Bioethics
Gijón 20th to 24th of June, 2000


Conference organised by the International Society on Bioethics (SIBI) its
aim is to debate about the ethic aspects of ethic and legal implications
concerning with the development of sciences and medical, biological,
environmental, and alimentary technologies. An up to date debate of social

Its conclusions will contribute to establish an International ethic code.

Among the chosen topics we point out:
    - Human Genome
    - Research - Experimentation on Human Beings
    - Patient Rights. The end of the Human Life
    - Euthanasia
    - Human Assisted Reproduction
    - Transplants of cells, tissues and organs.
    - Biotechnology, Ethics and Rights
    - Convention on Human rights and Biomedicine (Bioethics convention of
    - New Century. New Dimensions
    - Bioethic and the Mass Media

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