"Biogerontology" Volume 1 Issue 1

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Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue 1

Biogerontology and biogerontologists
Suresh I.S. Rattan
pp. 1-1

Experimental and empirical approaches in the study of aging
Leo S. Luckinbill, Patricia Foley
pp. 3-13

Longevity and aging: beneficial effects of exposure to mild stress
Nadège Minois
pp. 15-29

Oxidative stress, aging and the proteasomal system
Tilman Grune
pp. 31-40

Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation: a posttranslational protein modification linked
with genome protection and mammalian longevity
Alexander Bürkle
pp. 41-46

Deletion and dosage modulation of the eEF1A gene in Podospora anserina:
effect on the life cycle
Philippe Silar, Michèle Rossignol, Vicki Haedens, Zakia Derhy, André
pp. 47-54

Immunomodulatory synthetic dipeptide L-Glu-L-Trp slows down aging and
inhibits spontaneous carcinogenesis in rats
Vladimir N. Anisimov, Vladimir Kh. Khavinson, Vyacheslav G. Morozov
pp. 55-59

The impaired immune response to diphtheria vaccination in elderly
chronic hemodialysis patients is related to zinc deficiency
Burkhard Kreft, Andrea Fischer, Sabine Krüger, Klaus Sack, Holger
Kirchner, Lothar Rink
pp. 61-66

Applying phage display technology in aging research
Peter Kristensen, Peter Ravn, Kim Bak Jensen, Kristian Jensen
pp. 67-78

’Just a fellow who did his job 
‘, an interview with Leonard Hayflick
Suresh I.S. Rattan
pp. 79-87

Gerontologists and the media in a time of gerontology expansion
Éric Le Bourg
pp. 89-92

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