Cloning Age Reversal Interview

Ted Rosenberg TedRosenberg at iname.com
Sat Apr 29 22:00:21 EST 2000

Tom Matthews wrote:
> <spam snipped>
This is a standardized anti-fraud FLAME, brought to you by the
denizens of MHD.

This is in response to a spam/scam originating at one or more of the
following Scammers or scams: Chromium Piccolate; Metabolite; Strauss
Heart Drops; Healingway; Hulda Clark; Suzanne Henniig; Blue-green Algae;
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recaptureyouth; Dave Groves;Noni Juice; Canue; Betty Martini; Mark Gold;
Bob Cohen;"Aspartame is bad"; Stevia; Tom (Hemmingway) Watchman; The
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So take your snake oil and GO AWAY


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