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Fri Dec 15 02:17:09 EST 2000

"Lou Pagnucco" <pagnucco at> writes:

> to defeat the greatest scourge of mankind.  One has to wonder what motives
> are working in the collective subconscious to cause such people to continually
> disparage and thwart efforts to delay aging.  Perhaps it is some vestige of
> religious
> training or a "misery loves company" effect.

Most people don't like old people. The idea of more unproductive old
people, competing for resources, is distasteful. Further old people
are a disempowered group and thus unable to inject their own views into
the politically relevant discourse on the subject.

The debate needs to be argued in terms of keeping people young and productive,
rather than extending life-span if it is to be politically acceptable.

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