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Wed Feb 9 20:03:03 EST 2000

Mark B wrote:
> General questions about this new drug.
> Seems like a miracle! What was once impossible is now easy to do? What do we
> know about it? What is it's delivery method? It's in stage 2 now... anybody
> know how it's doing?

It's a thiazole derivative, and I believe it is being used in pill form.
It may also eventually find its way into a skin lotion, according to

You can search for the patent at: http://www.patents.ibm.com

> What kind of anti-aging effects are being seen in humans? Is cross-linking a
> thing of the past?

Other than to treat coronary artery disease in diabetics, Alteon has
been rather tight-lipped with regard to any other potential health or
"anti-aging" benefits. But their latest patent does discuss some in
vitro results which imply that the drug may be of some use in treating
Alzheimer's Disease.

It seems to me that ALT-711, being a small molecule, may also be able to
break intracellular AGE crosslinks, but I don't know what health or
anti-aging benefits may result from this, and Alteon apparently won't
speculate on such things.

> Any knowledge of what this can do for someone younger? Perhaps keep the
> damage to a reasonable level?

There are lots of studies implicating AGE's in the damage of
extracellular matrix proteins, and in the pathogenesis of some diseases,
e.g. Alzheimer's, but beyond this, I don't think anyone knows exactly to
what extent AGE products contribute to the aging process.

> Does it really really reverse the damage that comes with sugar
> cross-linking? (Skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement?)..

According to Alteon, when applied externally, it rehydrated and
increased elasticity in aged mouse skin, but I don't know by how much.

> Help me differentiate the fact from fiction here. Sounds too good to be
> true...

At this point there are many more questions than there are answers. I'd
like to know why they don't put it in some kind of skin lotion right
now, and start making money to support their clinical trials. I may be
wrong, but I don't think they would need FDA approval if they keep the
claims on the conservative side.

Nelson Navarro

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