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Sat Feb 12 19:44:33 EST 2000

<lollikay at hotmail.com> inquired about the more exact nature of my LCFFA.
The exact name is "Stearic Acid NF Powder".  It is defined as a GRAS substance
by the FDA and is commonly used as an excipient in compounding tablets of 
vitamins and minerals.  It generally consists of about 46% free Stearic Acid 
18 carbon atoms) and 46% free Palmitic Acid (with 16 carbon atoms).  I have 
taking it for over four years.  The source was a compounding center in 
Texas, and I needed a prescription for the pharmacist to get me one pound, the
minimum order.  I filled the gelcaps myself.  My first one pound cost $20 and 
enough for about 800 gelcaps or over two years at one a day.  My second pound
cost $25.  Just recently, the Solgar research group sent me 0.5 kilogram of 
they use at not cost.  While the LCFFA is the key stimulus, because I take a 
of other vitamins and minerals, I am not certain if other nutrients are 
Glucagon consist of a number of amino acids, which would require protein 
and Vitamin B-2 might be required for protein breakup and synthesizing.  If 
one of
the health food manufacturers would produce this, the cost would probably be 
than 5 cents per gelcap.
Ralph L. Samson

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