Book: The Schwarzbein Principle

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In the book, Dr. Schwarzbein points out that counting calories from protein, 
and to some extent from fats, as though they were used for energy, doesn't 
make sense.
A reasonable amount of protein will only be used for making hormones and 
and for buiding up muscle tissue.  Some fats are also used for essential 
purposes.  Carbohydrates are mainly used for energy.  Vitamin C is an 
An article available on the internet by searching altavista with keywords:
    +"Energy From Fats"
describes the process for complete oxidation of fats.  At the end, it 
compares the
energy obtained from three glucose molecules versus one free stearic acid 
Each has 18 carbon atoms and 36 hydrogen atoms.  Not only is more energy 
obtained from the stearic acid, but it's weight is just over half that of the 
Why is that?  Carbohydrate molecules carry additional oxygen atoms that don't 
to the energy capability.  It's as if when we put gas in our cars, we also 
had to fill up
with oxygen for combustion rather than using outside air.  Similarly, burning 
fat uses
up oxygen in the cells which may have an antioxidant effect.  Fats cannot be 
everywhere in the body for energy, but it can be used for muscles, which are 
the biggest user.  Getting the body to use the fat is the problem, which my 
supplement helps.
Ralph L. Samson

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