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Fri Feb 18 20:28:09 EST 2000

Michael Sherman wrote in message ...
>There are at least three important applications for this drug:
>arteriosclerotic, opthalmalgic, and skin aging.  Of those, the first
>two are most important to aging, but I think it is the last application
>which has potential for big returns.

There is another use mentioned in the patent, whitening teeth:  the
yellowing of teeth
with age is a crosslinking effect it reverses.  (Do the principles of Alteon
particularly white teeth?)

There are related products with the same effect, mentioned in the patent.
One of these  I believe is used
as a stqbilizing agent in cosmetics and lotions.  In theory one could put a
lot more of it and put it in
a screen cream to reduce wrinkles.  I don't know about eating it, though.

>The company has about enough money to last one more year, probably
>not enough to make it through Phase II.  They will need partners or
>a buyout.  Very risky.

Their stock started the week at about $1.25, and yesterday doubled to $2.50.
It rose today
to a high of about $3.65, before sinking to a low of $2 just before the
close, brought down
by the rest of the market.  In late 1998 it was trading at 12  dollars a
share, then it was announced that
phase 3 trials on pimigedine , their lead cross-link inhibitor, were
disappointing.  The stock fell.
They have a much better potential product in ALT-711, which I expect to be
successful.  I think it will
trade over 12 dollars again, but who knows, the market is fickle.

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