3rd ICTA.

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3rd International Conference on Transgenic Animals(ICTA)
              (with biotech exhibition)
         Oct.16-21, 2000    Beijing China


ISTR(International Society for Transgenic Research)


Transgenic Research

Co-chairs: David L. Kooyman <david_kooyman at byu.edu>
           Eckhard Wolf <ewolf at lmb.uni-muenchen.de>

Keynote speaker:

Vern Pursel, PhD (USDA, USA)

Invited Speakers:

Carl Pinkert, PhD(UAB, USA)
Robert Ivarie, PhD(Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)
Ignacio Anegon, MD(Sante University, Nantes, France)
Georg Arnold, PhD(Gene Center, LMU, Munich, Germany)
Rathin Das, PhD (American Biotechnology Laboratory,
Ilya Raskin, PhD (Rutgers University, New Brunswick,

Scientific Sessions:

1. Transgenic expression in mammals
Peter Sobieszczuk, PhD chair (Imperial College of
Medicine, London, UK)

2. Transgenic expression in plants
Ilya Raskin, PhD chair (Rutgers University, New
Brunswick, NJ, USA)

3. Transgenic Disease models
Jing Zhou, MD, PhD chair (Harvard Inst. Med, Boston,
Mass., USA)

4. Transgenic expression in poultry
Robert Ivarie, PhD chair (Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA,

5. Transgenic expression in fish
Richard Winn, PhD chair (Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA,

6. Transgenic transplantation models
Ignacio Anegon, MD chair (Sante University, Nantes,

7. Transgenic Techniques
Mike Martin, PhD chair (Nextran, Princeton, NJ, USA)

8. Manipulation of ES cells and Cloning
Jerry Yang, PhD chair (Univ. of Conn. Storrs, CT, USA)

9. Genomic and Proteomic analysis of transgenic animal
models-Technical Session
Georg Arnold, PhD chair (Gene Center, LMU, Munich, Germany)

10. ENU Mutagenesis-phenotype driven approaches for
analyzing gene function-Technical Session
Eckhard Wolf, PhD chair (Inst. of Molecular Animal
Breeding, LMU, Munich, Germany)


American Biotechnology Laboratory (a publication of
International Scientific Communications, Inc., USA)
Kluwer Academic Publishers(Netherlands);
BIO 101, Inc.(USA)


BILONG Transgenics;
CICCST(China International Conference Center for Science & Technology)

Abstract Submission:

The abstracts of the 3rd ICTA will be published on
Transgenic Research. An electronic version for each abstract must be

david_kooyman at byu.edu

before it is mailed to:

David L. Kooyman, PhD
Department of Animal and Veterinary Science
Brigham Young University
392 WIDB, Provo
UT 84602-5169

Abstract Deadline: May 1, 2000

General Contact:

Ms. Peifeng Chen, Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Jenny Zuo, Local Coordinator

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Box: P.O. Box 2714, Beijing 100080, China
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Email: 3rdICTA at bilong.com
Web: www.ciccst.org.cn/icta


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