temporal lobe atrophy

Xinxin Guo xinxin.guo at geriatrik.gu.se
Mon Jan 17 04:01:09 EST 2000

hi, there,

I need your help. In our population-based study, we found a strong
correlation between temporal lobe atrophy and impaired lower limb mobility.
Both cortical and central atrophy were rated on CT scan. The temporal,
parietal, frontal and temporal atrophy were rated as normal, mild, moderate
and severe. Central atrophy were measured as bifrontal ratio, bicaudate
ratio, third ventricle width. The mobility of upper limbs and lower limbs
were measured by optoelectronic technique.

My question is (1) how to interprete the association between temporal
atrophy and impaired mobility? (2)why did the correlation is only limit to
lower limbs?

It would be very grateful if you could offer me some tips, or suggest me
some relevant reference.


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