Burning fats without producing ATP

Michael Sherman sherm at symdyn.com
Thu Jan 20 02:32:40 EST 2000

Aubrey de Grey wrote:
> [explanation as to why the proposed supplement scheme
>  wouldn't work, which I was vaguely able to follow]

but then:

> However, the more general idea that the supplementation regime in
> question may have induced uncoupling of liver mitochondria is not at
> all challenged by the above logic.  I see no reason a priori why such
> effects should not be inducible, and they would indeed make heat.  The
> tricky part is to alter the cells' choice of which fuel to use to make
> that heat, i.e. to get them to use fat in preference to dietary sugars.

Why doesn't your earlier logic apply to the case of liver mitochondria?


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